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Figure Skating Books and Journals

Figure Skating Training Journal
figure skating training journal for serious figure skaters

The perfect way to record figure skating goals, training notes, and results from testing and competitions.

boys figure skating training journal for serious figure skaters
figure skaing training goals and practice notes
figure skating testing and competition log book journal notebook
Pocket Sized Practice Notes
figure skating practice notes
figure skating goals journal page

5.25" by 8" Pocket Sized Journal - fits easily in rink bag. 

The Figure Skating Practice Notes Journal gives you a convenient and organized way to take notes during and after your lessons and practice sessions. By taking detailed notes, you can review them before and during your future practice sessions to remember what worked and what didn't. No more trying to remember tips from a lesson you had 3 weeks ago. You will have them right at your fingertips to review at any time. 
Coaches will LOVE this journal! By having your students record your corrections and instructions, they will be able to review these before and during lessons, thus saving precious lesson time for working on new skills. You will find you will have to repeat yourself less often, and students will progress faster! 
Parents will LOVE this journal! When students write down the things they learned during lesson time, they will learn more quickly and make the most of precious training time and coaching money. 
Skaters will REALLY LOVE this journal! By being organized in your training notes, and having a quick and easy way to review what you've learned, your skating will improve much more quickly. You will learn faster and remember more during your future training sessions. You know you take notes in school to help you learn - skating lessons are no different! 

BONUS! GOAL Setting pages Included at the end of your journal are special pages for making tangible goals for your training. Be sure to check the last few pages of the journal for these helpful and important pages. 
Convenient size, 5.25" by 8" will fit easily in your skate bag and is small enough to keep with you at the boards. 78 pages.

Figure Skating Notebooks
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